Hello My Name is Talula and I Am A Facebook Lurker

Are you a facebook lurker? Well I am.

I frequently go through my friends' friends list looking for others I know. I don't want to friend them just lurk at their profiles. I want to see if they graduated, do they have kids, are the lives more fabulous than mine.

I know its sick.


Even worse, most people like me, have their profiles set to private so I can't view them. Yet it doesn't end there. I will then view their friends to see who they may know that I know.

I must be incredibly bored sometimes. My intent is never to friend them, just lurk.

I know people with 400+ friends on facebook. Really? If everyone is a friend on Facebook how stringent are your criteria. I have like 15 friends. I have turned down friend requests. I have accepted friend requests and on second thought deleted the contact as a friend. Am I crazy?

I friend people that have utility as a future business contact or an actual friend. I just can't let any old "friend" view my profile and see what I am doing day to day. Am I just not getting get?

What is the proper Facebook etiquette? Also, do you friend children you know? The kids from my former church have sent me friend requests. I don't want to hurt a kids feelings but then I don't want to censor my page to make it child friendly. Suggestions?

8 thoughts on “Hello My Name is Talula and I Am A Facebook Lurker

  1. When I friend people I immediately go through their friend list and block people who I don’t like or trust. Separate fromthat I identified people I don’t like and blocked them on GP.
    People on Facebook are nosey as hell and they’re stalkers.
    All of my settings are private. There isn’t even the option to add me as a friend.

  2. I am nosy and a stalker. I have cyber-stalked and lurker. I am not set to private cuz I really don’t have any business.
    I look at old high school friends and college buddies as well and have no interest in actually talking to or friending them.

  3. I love me some Facebook. Talua, send me an e-mail with your real name so I can add you to my friends out there, if you would please? Trust me…I don’t stalk. LOL!

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