I Met A Goal or Two Today

I jogged nonstop for about 8 minutes. I just put on a mid tempo song, Corinne Bailey Rae's Girl Put Your Records On, and kept running. I was actually concentrating on the song and not my jogging. The next thing you know the entire song had repeated.


I am also glad I did not let the cold weather stop me. Seeing so many people out and about exercising even in the rain, has given me the added inspiration to keep it moving. Too often, I let the slightest bump in the road block my progress. So in jogging, as in life. I feel if I could run a marathon or something, I would be unstoppable.

But for now, baby steps. LOL. I am feeling closer to my goal, though. I would love to jog nonstop for 30 minutes or more. Plus I feel so much stronger.


My hair is getting really long. I put some two strand twists in my hair after washing tonight. I look like Da Brat circa 1994. I really don't know what to do with it. Maybe I'll pick it out into a fresh Angela Davis fro'.

Angela davis


I have yet another group project in tow. Someone say a prayer for me.


Speaking of prayer, I have a new goal to go to church every week. No more excuses!

Do you have any mini milestones worth mentioning? I would love to hear of them.

6 thoughts on “I Met A Goal or Two Today

  1. Taula,
    Congrats on jogging 8 min straight. I am glad to hear of your progress. My mini goal that I met was eating only one sweet for the entire week. This is coming from a person that does sugar at every meal. As far as your hair try a funky fro hawk I loved rocking that style when I had loose hair. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Kristin:
    On jogging: I wish the weather would warm up a bit, I HATE being cold. Jogging in cool weather is really difficult for me. I am addicted to progress, so I don’t wanna slow down.
    On hair: I wore a fro’hawk for my b-day with some really dramatic makeup. I wanna keep my fro hawk on reserve until I go out or something.

  3. I failed at my goal this weekend. My goal was to not eat anything sweet. On saturday I ate a candy bar. Any possitive words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Aw Smooth:
    Failure is the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. Henry Ford
    Also buy the mini candy bars and keep them in the car. If you just have to have a sweet, go out and eat just one.
    Works well for me is to have good veggies and fruit I can snack on when I get a sweet tooth.
    So dust yourself off and try again, my friend.

  5. Veggies and fruit are a good idea. Here’s another good idea from a friend via email: just chew a stick of chewing gum. How does that sound?

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