Are You the Old Man in the Club?

Chris Rock once said he got married because he did not want to wind up the old man in the club. You're not really old, just too old to be in the club.

Yet there are some men who refuse to grow up. A popular radio personality, who is about 45 years old and refers to himself as a 'bad boy", is content being a bachelor (divorced). I know that is his prerogative but is it fair to ask women in the 35 to 45-year-old range to date without the possibility of marriage?

I worked with a mid-forties guy who was the same way. A divorcee, who dated the very young girls in the company. I mean like eighteen years old. Is that what the over-the-hill guy has to look forward to? Dating girls young enough to be their own daughter? Being her Myspace friend?

What are you holding out for?

Old man

I believe the fabric of society, the nuclear family, is degenerating. Being a faithful, provider is no longer ideal for some men. I question why?

Is is because women have lowered their standards and are willing to be someone's girlfriend indefinitely? I know a woman who lived with a guy for fifteen years and had two children with him. He never married her. Recently he left.

Now in the above scenario, the guy no doubt will have no problem finding a woman to take him and pop out even more babies. The woman he left, however, will have a tougher time dating with two daughters.

Where is the baby daddy now? Probably chillin' in some club.

7 thoughts on “Are You the Old Man in the Club?

  1. When I meet a woman who’s worth the risk and sacrifice inherent in marriage, I will be waiting for her at the altar.
    Until then, I’m on tour kickin’ it with her, her, her and her over there. In doing so I’m not corrupting society, and to the extent that I don’t even bother acting as though I want to marry any of the women I see, I’m being completely honest.
    Who is to decide that I should get married, anyway? One of these social conservatives who want everyone (else) to live the life that they see as right? A woman who’s tired of meeting man who suffer from “Peter Pan Syndrome?”
    And where are all of these experts when marriages that should never have happened in the first place go kaput?

  2. LH,
    I hear you and agree on some points. IMO, it is a bit pathetic when old heads try to be players and end up just being the old man in the club. Now someone who is responsibly single, yeah, do you. I am sure you know someone like I have described, though.

  3. Okay, I’ll go ahead and ask … old in what way?
    I’ve never been one to go to the club to try and “come up,” but Ed, as you know, cats who are into House Music, and I mean really into it, party well into their 40s. When 102.7 and ‘GCI play House mixes, who do you think it’s for? The kids? LOL
    Come on now.

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