Allen Iverson Cuts His Locks

Allen iverson 


I have a confession. I had a mad crush on Allen Iverson back in the day. I don't understand why? I mean he is the antithesis of the kind of man I actually want. Okay that last sentence is completely unfair. Afterall, I don't know the man personally. He just seemed to represent the antithesis; he wore baggy jeans, got into trouble, is all tatted up.

None of this mattered though, I still loved him. lol




Anyway, I read online that he trimmed his trade mark cornrows, a style that he has maintained for some 13 years. He kind of looks like Marlon Wayans without the braids. Next thing you know, he'll be sporting Armani suits and drinking Fiji water. Hopefully, this is not a "Samson" moment.

Ah, Allen you will always have a place in my heart, shorn or not.

14 thoughts on “Allen Iverson Cuts His Locks

  1. Lol, @ Siditty. Taula I get the attraction he has those LL Cool J lips AND some beautiful eyes. Alas, he does have that choke a bish syndrome (as Siditty mentioned), so it was never meant to be.


  2. “Alas, he does have that choke a bish syndrome” ROFLMBO
    OMG, you are crazy. That just keeps you limber, you know. I’ll just have to stay bobbing and weaving. Can’t choke what you can’t catch.


  3. AI already had his “Sampson” moment and it had nothing to do with cutting his locks. Dude is getting old in basketball years and has lost some steps. I just wish he would have at least took the time to get a decent fade.


  4. I was thinking the same thing. That’s why I wish he would have spent more time in shoring up the cut after he got rid of the braids. I know he was spending a grip on keeping them looking so fresh and so clean while he had them so it wouldn’t have killed him to spend the same for a first class fade


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