Just In Time For Black History Month, It’s Ray J!

I caught the new cycle of buffoonery on VH1 last night. For the Love of Ray J, stars the once upon a time angelic now turned porn star with Kim Kardashian Ray J Norwood. Ya' know, Brandy's brother.

This has got to be the fakest poorly scripted reality mess ever. VH1 may have jumped the shark with this latest installment but I, like millions of others, tuned in.

If you have never caught any of the Flavor of Love, I Love New York, or Rock of Love series it is important to note that the casting is very "high skank" **term copyrighted**. I think one of the prerequisites to being cast on the show is at least 6 months of skripping stripping, at a club or free-lance.

Ray J goes through the usual ritual of giving the girls new campier names. While Flav had names such as Nibblez and Like That, Ray J adds a touch of class with monikers such as Caviar and Cashmere. **insert sarcasm here**

I must admit I could not watch the entire episode. I will tell you why but you are fair-warned that it is pretty vulgar to even describe.


Ray J tells the few girls that he has not had one-on-one time with that if they want to stay, they have to 'get it poppin' and show him something he can remember them by. Well, the butta face beauty that is Stiltz (yeah she is like seven feet tall) stands up and belly dances. Not to be outdone, the even classier and aptly named Cocktail, proceeds to lay her towel on the floor and contort her bikini clad body into splits of varying degrees. She then begins to "booty-pop" while in full-length split mode. **blank stare**

I turn off the television.

For years, I have watched this crap bemused and unable to turn away. This instance, there was something in the utter degredation and desperation of this woman that made it really hard to stomach. I am one of those people who can never just see something in isolation. My mind begins to wonder, how did a girl end up banging her lady parts on the stone floor to garner attention for a national audience. Really? Did she not get hugs as a child? Did she graduate high school? Does she have political aspirations in the future? Probably not.

When you have the First Black President in US history in office and strong and beautiful First Lady like Michelle Obama, these displays are harder to come to grips with.

President Obama= One giant leap forward for our people.

VH1= Two steps back.

Seriously, folk, I watch this so you don't have to. Really, I do.

P.S. I heard that his mom produced this show. I have a policy of not talking bad about moms so I'll just end it here.

P.P.S. I am loving that Deacon Lee Roy Brown suit he is sporting. SMH.

8 thoughts on “Just In Time For Black History Month, It’s Ray J!

  1. Come on now, T. What did you really expect? And to top it all off, it’s been reported that he and Whitney are still together. She allegedly begged him not to do the show but he insisted on it and they are still dating anyway. Ray J is just a hot mess

  2. So you loved the show, huh?
    Okay, two lines that made me laugh outloud (while reading this entry at work – a bad place to bust out laughing for no obvious reason to anyone looking on):
    “My mind begins to wonder, how did a girl end up banging her lady parts on the stone floor to garner attention for a national audience.”
    “I am loving that Deacon Lee Roy Brown suit he is sporting.”

  3. Ray J. is scary. Whitney is scary. Ray J. trying to compete for the “fame” of Flava Fav is just sad and pathetic.
    I wonder if they do STD testing on these contestants, because a few look like they could have something. I am just saying, stripping ain’t the only thing going on in some of the clubs. You gotta work for some tips.

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