Jennifer Hudson – Super Bowl Performance

Just in case you missed it.

I actually watched about two-thirds of the game. I saw James Harrison run that 100 yard touchdown. I feel very proud of myself. After all of these years, I finally followed an actual football game and even understood most of it.

13 thoughts on “Jennifer Hudson – Super Bowl Performance

  1. J-Hud did the damn thang.I was so proud of her. As a side note now that you are in Texas you must love and understand football as well as pledge undying love for the ‘boys wearing the star. Go Cowboys!

  2. LH here with potentially bad news: I just saw a story that says Hudson’s performance may not have been live.
    More to come, I’m sure …

  3. LH:
    They are all pre-recorded, even Whitney’s but it’s peculiar how this known fact is the headline for Jennifer’s performance. I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist, so it sounds like sabotage to me. Because she sounded great.

  4. OK, LH, so they ‘” killed it “‘ in the recording studio. It’s still Yitzak Perlman at the violin, Yo Yo Ma at the cello, and J-Hud singing.

  5. You’re entitled to you opinion but I saw her do the Patti Labelle tribute and am more convinced than ever that no artist out today can touch her vocally. That was live, she messed up a little on the words so I know it wasn’t pre-recorded. I have that video too from January 20th, I think.

  6. You can get indignant if you want to, but killing it in a recording studio and killing it live isn’t the same thing.

  7. It’s a fact that she didn’t sing live, not an opinion. Is she a talented singer? I can’t say, because I’ve never heard her sing anything live. What I do know is that lip-syncing can never be killing anything.

  8. Of course they’re not the same thing, LH. What I’m saying is what it all boils down to is simply this: live or in a recording studio, you have to have a talent that you’re born with in order to make that violin sound like something, that cello to sound like something, and that song to sound like something. Here’s something that’s very related to my point. One time, Fats Waller was asked, “What is rhythm?” Fats Waller answered, “If you got to ask, then you ain’t got it.” You can either sing/play an instrument or you can’t.

  9. There is a difference also between pre-recording a performance and then re-playing later and going into a studio with synthesizers and voice correction and procudtion and coming out on the other end sounding great.
    You the trained ear can tell that Jennifer simply pre-recorded the performance. There is a lot of nuance in her voice that comes through. If you are a fan of her voice that is all that matters.
    i am only speaking in this post of Super Bowl anthem performances, of which, all are pre-recorded. That said. She leads the pack.

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