Prison Break Cancelled

So Fox is ending the fugitives run on the hit show Prison Break. With a name like Prison Break, couldn't say we did not see it coming. Just like Lost. How long can you keep the people on an island? Oh wait, that's been on since 2004 and a new season starts January 21st. Didn't get into that one.

I never got into the series, Prison Break either. Honestly, since Girlfriends, I have not gotten into any series. If you have seen the show, is it worth a DVD buy?

I know one of my crushes was on the show but what other reason is there to watch a bunch of men in jail escape and be on the lam for years? IDK, help me out.

This is an excuse to post Mr. Miller. I got this picture over at Toyas-World:


Wentworth Miller


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