Ray J Has A New Dating Show

It starts in February and is of course on VH1 entitled For The Love of Ray J.

Who is Ray-J you may ask? Yes, Brandy's little brother, who has singled-handedly shamed their family with his foolishness. First, the infamous sex-tape that made Kim Kardashian a household name, his rumored fling with Whitney Houston, and now this. I know it's tough for a second sibling of a famous one but geez this guy is in attention-gathering overdrive.

Oh, yeah. He was dating Lil' Kim too.

If you thing this is just another Flavor of Love sans the Flavor, well you are quite wrong.**insert sarcasm** Ray-J is actually looking for love. Cause ya'll know it's hard out here for a pimp.

His women have respectable names given to them like, Atomic Bomb, Cashmere and Caviar.

Ray J

It amazes me that the stereotypical shows stay and the Salt-n-Pepa show was canceled. I guess Salt was to Christian-y for their tastes. She also had a stable family with a beautiful husband and kids. Oh heck-to the-no, she is not buttie-bouncing on screen with a cup of corvoisier -MUST.STOP.POSITIVE.IMAGES.OF.BLACK.WOMEN. sign VH1 producers. (not really but you guys get it.)

10 thoughts on “Ray J Has A New Dating Show

  1. I saw this too. At first I thought it was ridiculous that he’s getting a reality show too. Then I remembered (instantly, I might add) that ol’ girl Kim got one pretty much based solely off the fact that she was in the porno with him. So if she could get one, why shouldn’t he too? There’s plenty of terrible reality tv to go around!

  2. True. True. Plus there is a double-standard in Hollywood. Kim got away with that foolishness as does Britney but can you imagine Beyonce or Brandy pulling any of those stunts.

  3. Yeah…it’s not really that Kim got away with it. She wasn’t even famous until that. So her claim to fame was thanks to her making a porno. Her parents should be so proud.

  4. Are you kidding? Britney got hammered by the media for the better part of last year, as did Paris Hilton. Last I checked, they both were white.

  5. LH:
    One could argue that it did not kill their career -Janet Jackson anyone? It only made them bigger media draws.
    A sex-tape launched Paris Hilton into the stratosphere. I will give you that it’s not all about black and white. See I am not THAT combative.

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