At A Fork In the Road, Choose The Right Path

My birthday is coming up in a few days and I am passing a milestone so to speak. There is one thing about milestones, they cause you to do a lot of reflecting.

It seems like for every major situation in my life, I always screw up the first go 'round. It takes years to get a second chance but when I do I knock it out of the park.

Let me explain.

I wrote a post about my first love and how I have kinda been quick to call it quits with a guy as to not fall down that slippery slope again.  Why? Because love makes you an illogical mess. Subsequently, I deleted it. Partially because my blog is semi-anonymous and I have not quite decided on how personal I want to be on here.

Anyway, this first love was always in and out of my life (not physically, I don't play that crap) but emotionally. So when I started seeing this other guy (dude B) I was not quite over dude A. Hey but I was in young(er) and thought, I can see Dude B until I get over Dude A.

Um yeah, that doesn't work.

So me being a novice at the dating game, I had a situation where dude A and dude B ended up at my sister's house with me (I was babysitting) at the same time and neither would leave. Dude A had shown up unannounced, like he had for years. I, like the novice I was, opened the door to tell him sorry I have company (dude B) so go home. He side-stepped me and came on in. 

Fork in the road

Long story short, both of these guys were sitting in the living room and neither would leave. The kids were upstairs sleeping and I was seriously trying to avoid a Jerry  Springer-styled incident. So after sitting in the middle like a dummy for a minute, I asked Dude B to leave. 

He never spoke to me again. Ever.

Dude A was not my boyfriend anymore, was not faithful, was not dependable, was not even cute (had a kick-butt body though, lol).

Dude B was really handsome, really nice, an entrepreneur, really tall and we got along great (we were friends first). He was all those things but at the fork in the road, I made the wrong choice.  I have subsequently dated guys: some handsome, some cool but never all in one package like dude B.

So back to me crossing that milestone, I think I am ready for my second act but how can I trust myself to make the right decision, if standing at that fork again? Have you ever made the wrong choice and what was your second act?

2 thoughts on “At A Fork In the Road, Choose The Right Path

  1. I made a similar mistake about 10 years ago. I was engaged to a really great guy (not all that handsome but a great person emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually). I didn’t really want to be; I wanted to be single again and actually began seeing another guy at the same time we were engaged. Well, long story short, at that fork in the road I left my 2 1/2 year relationship just to embrace men that certainly didn’t love me like my ex-fiance’ did. I haven’t had a second act yet in terms of longevity in a relationship like that, but he got married and now he and his wife have a beautiful 5-month-old daughter. I’m still kicking myself and hoping that love comes around again someday.

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