Skin Bleaching in India

I have never seen anything this blatant in its promotion of lighter skin as better. This video links lighter skin with success in business and dating.

BTW, Unilever makes Fair and Lovely. That's the same comany that makes Ponds, Dove, and even Lipton Tea products.

11 thoughts on “Skin Bleaching in India

  1. Ms. Kristin:
    Please go to the “Is Barack Obama black” topic, go to the bottom of the page, then click “Show more comments”. I have left additional comments which I’m sure you’ll find very interesting. I still say the same thing: the earliest humans left Africa and spread like wildfire when they hit Asia. Plus, Barack Obama is in fact black, as we all are to some extent or another.


  2. Can someone tell me how long this practice has been going on? Special note:
    In the 16th century, Portugal, France, England, and a few others colonized India. By 1856, the East India Company from England controled almost all of India. In 1857, the Sepoy Revolt failed to kick the East India Company out of India. The result was direct rule from England itself… translation: soldiers, Jim Crow-like laws,etc.
    In 1947, India gained its independence from England.
    What I’m saying is that everywhere the white Europeans went, they took the idea of skin color and turned it upside down


  3. I really hope this isn’t news to anyone.
    And for one brief moment in time, Smooth Thug is actually correct. I’ve said for years that if you can show me a people who’ve been colonised (or otherwise punked) by Europeans, I can show you a culture that prizes fair skin.


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