It’s So Cold In The D

Detroit that is. Maybe you heard of the text-message scandal of former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his chief of Staff Christine Beatty. Unfamiliar? Click here.

Kwame is currently serving a 120-day sentence in jail and now Beatty will begin hers. 

With Christine Beatty going to jail in January, the family's focus is on the well-being of her daughters, ages 8 and 10.

"I'm sure that they will be well taken care of, but that's still their mother who's going to jail," said Chris Beatty Sr., 60, uncle to Christine's ex-husband, Lou. "The concern is how the children will fare."

For now, the family will concentrate on child care issues before Christine Beatty reports to jail Jan. 5 to serve 120 days. Source

I know she lied under oath but I can't helpo but feel sorry for her having been through such public humiliation and now having to go to jail leaving her children behind.

All of this for Kwame Kilpatrick, ugh! 

In a six degrees kinda sidenote. I met Kwame Kilpatrick when I was in undergrad. I went to Washington, DC as part of this Environmental Justice group and he spoke to us. Back then, Kilpatrick was heralded as a young, up and coming politician. He had been elected to the Michigan House of Representatives in 1996 to a seat his mother Carolyn-Cheeks Kilpatrick had recently vacated. I was proud of him too.  

I want to focus on Beatty for a moment. If you read through some of the lurid text-messages (and I did. lol) Beatty comes across as a love-lorn loon hopelessly waiting in the wings for this married man to leave his wife and wisk her away. Beatty also was married at the time. She divorced Lou Beatty in 2006.Source

Are women still playing the concubine secretly hoping that their married lover will leave his wife for her in 2008? Seriously? Beatty is no spring chicken. This is an accomplished, educated woman of thirty-eight playing out in real life some Waiting to Exhale character.

I hope she can recover, for her sake and her girls.

What say you?

Here she pleads guilty:

6 thoughts on “It’s So Cold In The D

  1. I would love to have read those explicit text messages; using city money to go on weekend getaways? Freaky deaky! Come on now, ladies. A man very rarely dumps his wife to get together with the broad he’s messin’ around with. Can I feel sorry for her? Are you serious? I don’t feel sorry for her or for any woman who’s messin’ with a married man and then it dawns on her peanut-sized brain that she’s only a play thing. Why should I feel sorry for her? She sure wasn’t feeling sorry for the wife when she was runnin’ around spreading herself around with the guy. Y’all know what I mean by “spreading herself”? I’m sure y’all do. At times, Smooth Thug can be blunt and acrimonious.

  2. I do feel sorry for her only because women always take the brunt of the criticism in a situation like this. Plus she has children, they are suffering too for their momma’s major mistake. Don’t get me wrong, she was dead wrong for her behavior. I just feel sad that she felt the need to lower herself to this degree.

  3. Here’s why I don’t feel sorry for her: not only did she lie, but got super jazzy at the mouth when she did. I was like, um, for you to be giving all of that attitude, you at least need to be telling the truth. She almost sounded as bad as Kwame Kilpatrick, talking about how even asking if they were having an affair was disrespectful to black women. Dude …
    I also can’t feel sorry for someone who is in law school who willfully perjured herself on the witness stand.
    I do feel badly for her children.

  4. Yeah, I have to agree with you LH on that. They tried to play the race card early. I watched a hearing when KK was talking about this being a witch hunt and people calling him n*****. I knew then, he was guilty.

  5. Taula,
    I don’t feel sorry for her, and this is why:
    1. You are married, stoping hoeing is someone else’s garden
    2. You have children, that you are obviously not concerned about.
    3. You disrespected yourself by ALLOWING yourself to get played.
    What she should know is that men RARELY leave their wives, Period. I don’t feel sorry for her and she is getting off easy.

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