10 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Wanted To Know

  1. LOL…ok….that text basically said nothing. Where’d you find it? I want to see the really bad ones to see what got this cat in trouble in the first place.


  2. This is a transcript of stupidity. Whether you’re cheating or not, you don’t put this in writing via city property. And Kilpatrick’s brazenness … he should have to serve more time. This dude basically said that he wasn’t going to admit to wrongdoing no matter what. Now he’s in jail. Dummy.
    Here’s what I need to understand: what was in it for either Kilpatrick or Beatty? Aside from the fact that he was a married father or two (I think), he was a sitting mayor. Cheating is never a good look but if you’re going to creep, it’s gotta be with someone who has at least as much to lose as you do.
    From beatty’s standpoint, it’s like okay … now what? They cheated, they got busted, they’re going to jail and then … ???
    If I’m Kilpatrick, no way am I cheating–even if I wanted to. Then again that’s easy for me to say. I’ve never been married. 🙂


  3. You might be on to something where Kilpatrick is concerned, but as for Beatty … I’m not so sure she allowed him to do anything. She seemed like a willing, active participant to me and then she cold lied about it.


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