Plaxico Burress Deserves An Award In His Honor

Plaxico buress 

The man in the above photo is Plaxico Burress, an NFL player who recently signed a 5-year $35 million contract extension. This fine piece of genius is now on the reserve/non-football injury list without pay. Why, you ask? Because this fool shot himself in the thigh while carrying a gun in his waistband inside of a night club.

Find this hard to believe? Read more here.

I am not going to pretend to have known who this guy was prior to his arrest, but he shall be forever known as the Idiot Who Shot Himself in the Thigh While Carrying A Gun in His Waist Band Inside of a Night Club. Get this man an award. He has officially nocked Michael Vick out of the top spot for dumbest thing a man can do to screw up a million dollar gig.

6 thoughts on “Plaxico Burress Deserves An Award In His Honor

  1. I am still pissed at the Negro. I love me some football BUT, I don’t understand grown azz Negro’s that go looking for trouble. Stay your behind at home and bring the party to you.

  2. Jazzy
    I am still perplezed why people have to carry a consealed weapon.
    If you have to carry a weapon and you are not wearing camaflague, you might want to stay at home.

  3. Last year on November 27th, Sean Taylor of the Washington Redskins died of his injuries he received during a home invasion robbery of his home. What I’m saying is that all of these superstar athletes are millionaires and people know it. And as such, they can become the victims of crime. If this sounds like an excuse for Plaxico Burress, please don’t misunderstand me, no it’s not. If Plaxico feels that vulnerable in public, he should hire himself some bodyguards; he can certainly afford it. Therefore, I vote to award Plaxico the Bonehead Of The Year award. Do I hear a second to that nomination?

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