What Does It Mean When. . .

. . .a guy asks how old you are?

I am in the grocery store and a guy rolls up on the side of me to say hi. I say hello, like I always do at the grocery store when a strange guy says hello, except this guy did not take my walking away as a sign that I was not interested. So, he rolls up on the side of me and says, "you look really nice." Okay, I am a sucker for a compliment so I smile and say "thank you" and I keep steppin'. Then this guy blurts out, "how old are you?" To which, I burst out laughing and reply,"how old are you?" He yells, "thirty seven" as I quickly turn the corner.

Old lady

The fact that this guy was persistent did not bother me, the fact that he was working in the produce department did not bother me, but the fact that he questioned my age did. I need to find out was he asking my age because I look older than I am or because I look like jail bait. When a guys asks a girl her age, it makes me think of Chester, Chester the Child Molester.

I know I am a little crazy but can someone help me out here.

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  1. It could mean any variety of things. What I typically think when a guy asks a gal her age is he wants to make sure she’s legal. Not to say that she still couldn’t be lying, but at least he asked, right?

  2. I don’t know what dude meant by asking you your age. That was a bit strange. I don’t like to be followed around if I am trying to get away from a persistent pursuer either. But I think maybe he was asking how old you were because he didn’t want to be rejected if he was too old for your taste and he wanted to see if he had even an inkling of a chance. For instance if you are in 20s he probably wouldn’t have much of a chance on God’s green earth. If you are in your 30s he MAY have an opportunity to keep chasing you thru the grocery store. I get asked my age a lot probably because I look younger than what I really am (I hope!)

  3. He found you good looking and was hoping that you and him were a possibility. He asked your age to keep the conversation going, but he did it the wrong way.
    P.S. How ’bout that Grambling-Southern football game? Grambling flattened Southern like a tortilla.

  4. It’s rude for a man to ask a woman’s age. That said, he was probably trying to cut to the chase and figure out if he was too old to be interested in you.
    I’m 37 but I don’t look anywhere near my age, so I use clues to find out if the woman I’m interested in is too young for me.

  5. I’ll ask what college she attended and then when she graduated. From there it’s (usually) simple arithmetic to figure out her age.

  6. He may have been younger than you think. The only line that young guys have these days is “how old are you”. He may have looked much older than you thought. He himself could have been just 20. As a 20 year old he thinks he can get with an 18 or he could have thought that you were a “cougar” and would be willing to get with him.
    Marya Cary did

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