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I was reading a blog the other day and I ran across a quote from some anonymous person. She wrote that black women will always pull one another down and never support another black woman? First of all, I know this is not true, but what makes a person believe this? If you believe this how will it affect your relationship with women in general and black women in particular? Or is this true? You tell me.

**Background** This was in response to a Beyonce article. A lot of the responses were that she is played and her album is not that good.

5 thoughts on “Quick Question

  1. This is once again something that is not indicative only to Black women. It is unfortunately something very common to Black folk. I did a post about this a while ago. The old “crabs in the barrel” theory. Some brothas and/or sistas out there just had to see their own succeed and will do what they can to tear them down.
    On a sidenote, as far as Beyonce is concerned, I haven’t heard her cd yet but the snippets I have heard have not impressed me. And neither one of her current singles do anything for me either.

  2. Some people would take your critique, Stan, of Beyonce’s album as hateration. I don’t but that is the question I am posing.
    I know people who are quick to offer criticism but seldom offer praise. I am not suggesting you at all but a few folk I know are like this.

  3. People believe what they experience. Note that what people believe and what they say aren’t always one in the same, though.
    For whatever it’s worth, I’ve witnessed black women praise other black women often enough to know that it isn’t the case that they always pull each other down. That said, it isn’t always hating when someone offers criticism. Sometimes –often I would say– it’s as simple as disliking something or someone.

  4. Oh I have no problems offering praise when it’s applicable. Especially to Beyonce. Her slow jam “Dangerously in Love” was THE jam! She knows how to make good music when she wants to. Lately, it sounds like she’s been getting a little lazy though. Almost as if she realizes she can put out anything and as long as she looks sexy in the video, her fans will buy it.

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