Kathleen Battle, Alicia Keys, and Queen Latifah

I found an opera singer in the most unlikely of places, the American Music Awards. I just happened upon the station and thought hey let me see what crap is gonna be recycled this go around.

Most performances, with the exception of Ne-yo were forgettable. The announcer kept me hooked witha promise of a special guest to sing with Alicia Keys.

So, Alicia sits at her piano and does her thing. Queen Latifah comes out and spits a verse and sings a bit. Next, the tour de force . . . Kathleen Battle.Whooaaa!

If you are not familiar with KB click the link above. She is the reigning diva of opera. Alicia Keys just managed to show her prowess as an artist and aficionado of music for including the legend in her performance. Loves it!

4 thoughts on “Kathleen Battle, Alicia Keys, and Queen Latifah

  1. Kathleen Battle is one of the best opera singers you’ll hear. Leontyne Price made the roll of “Aida” one of the most famous rolls in opera. One of my favorites is Placido Domingo.

  2. Battle is no joke. I’ve had the privilege (and pleasure) to hear her live and to say she blew the entire house away was an understatement. Denyce Graves is all the way in there, also.
    As for Alicia Keys … I’m still trying to understand the hype.

  3. LH:
    K Battle is the business.
    I was never an Alicia Keys fan until this last album. I like her because she uses real intruments and her natural voice. I prefer to hear a real voice even if it is not perfect. Too many songs and singers are synthesized.

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