Toni Braxton Kicked Off DWTS

I don't know what this says about the state of your popularity when you are kicked off Dancing With The Stars before Susan Lucci, Lance Bass (nSync), and someone named Brooke Burke.

Not to worry Toni. I still got love for ya'. Just come out with a banging album, put some clothes on and we're cool.

There are certain singers, real singers, that I pull for because I see a little of myself in them maybe. Toni, Jennifer both church girls like me, who made it big. I hate to see such talent wasted. On a sidenote, why do beautiful people do things to their face. Like nose jobs and face injections. Sorry Toni, had to go there. You're still beautiful though.

Ah, well. Here is an ode to Toni Braxton back when she ruled the charts and Tyson Beckford when folk though he was straight. (I have no proof otherwise, just rumor and innuendo.)

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