Michelle Wiliams – The Greatest


Just trying to show a fellow Chicagoan some love.

7 thoughts on “Michelle Wiliams – The Greatest

  1. T…T…T…
    Michelle is about the overrated “artist” out there. Destiny’s Child could have really put any pretty face in her spot and been just as good. Probably better. I know you trying to show love to a fellow Chicagoan, but you had to pick THIS one?!

  2. The sad thing is I think she really is tone def. That “gospel” solo cd she put out was probably the WORST gospel cd I have ever heard. Then they had nerve to have her be a judge on that latest MTV talent show. She’s the LAST person to be judging somebody on their singing

  3. My sister saw her in the Color Purple and said she did a great job, so I don’t know.
    I saw ler live at a gospel event and she did okay. It’s just her voice is weird.

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