Tina Turner Dishes on Ike and Beyonce

At 68, Tina Turner is still giving the youngsters a run for their money touring worldwide. She is currently set to play Chicago on October 4 and Dallas on October 27.


The last time Turner toured was back in 2000, when she "retired". After appearing with Beyonce on the 2008 Grammy Awards, there was apparently a groundswell for her return.


In press for her return, Tina is dishing on all things buzzing about her. On Beyonce:

People said, ‘You looked better than BeyoncĂ©.’ Well, that’s not possible. It’s nice that young people hold me up as a model. BeyoncĂ© is elegant and is handling her career well. A lot of new stars go overboard on sex. They’re half-naked up there. My dresses were a bit short, but I stayed respectable."SOURCE

On Ike:

"It meant nothing to me," she says. "He had been dead to me for 20 years." "When I left, I really left," she says. "It was a bad dream, and when you spend 16 years in a certain lifestyle, you never want to think about it again." Source

WOW. I would hate to be on her bad side. I kid. I kid.


Anyway, this woman is inspirational, as a survivor, a force of energy, and an icon. I should print these pictures and put them on my refrigerator as motivation. Hehehe!

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  1. Tina Turner is gonna be here in Los Ageles later this month. She’s gonna wear that stage out and tear Los Angeles up!

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