D’Angelo Has Returned!

Hey, listen up. I mean you. Lean in now so you can hear.

Word on the street is D’angelo has a new single available on iTunes. It’s called, "I Found My Smile Again." You know in reference to his drama with arrests and drugs. I put out an APB on him myself a while back.


Also, lean in now so you can hear, he has an upcoming song with QTip entitled, "I Believe."

But I ain’t one to gossip, so you haven’t heard that from me.

***PS. If you buy from iTunes would you mind using my link in the upper left hand corner. Thanks.***

1 thought on “D’Angelo Has Returned!

  1. That’s all good that he has a single again, but how is he lookin’? At the time of his last arrest, he was looking a bit like the KFC Luther Vandross.


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