Satirical Take On Satire? Now I’m Confused

Jon Stweart and Stephen Colbert recreate the New Yorkers constroversial Barack/Michelle cover. I guess their point is to relay how crazy this campaign has become with that satirical humor that is their trademark, but everytime I see this sort of stuff it just doesn’t sit right with me. Like Robert Downey Jr in blackface in Tropic Thunder, regardless of intent, it’s still friggin’ blackface. 

But take a look and judge for yourself.


4 thoughts on “Satirical Take On Satire? Now I’m Confused

  1. Honestly … what strikes me about the cover isn’t that it’s offensive (it isn’t to me), but that it’s so after the fact. Like, what was the point?

  2. It’s called publicity, my friend. Jon Stewart can be a tool sometimes. I love the show, but he cowers in the presence of power and becomes accommodating. Just my opinion.
    Stephen Colbert is losing his status on the funny-o-meter.
    So, yeah, I’m gonna go with publicity.

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