And So Begins My Affair With the Side Eye

Sideeye_clinton_babySideeyebabyFrom perusing the web, I have become familiar with the phenomenon known as the ‘side eye’. What is the side eye, you ponder? Well, it is a look that says, ‘I am not in the mood’ ‘You really didn’t just say that’ or the classic, ‘Oh, know you didn’t.’

Words don’t sum it up for you. Well, take a look at these thousand word pictures. I saw these photos and thought, out of the eyes of babes.

Sideeye_bush_2 Check out this kid with Pres. George ‘Dubya’. A penny for your thoughts? I mean really, these children are not feeling that let me get a photo op with the "urban" child. This kid clearly wants to be left behind.

There are other sites, that use terms like SEOD or sideSideeyeclintonobama_3  eye of death. I have reserved that acronym for the creme de la creme of side eyes. Are you ready for this one?


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