After The Party Is The After Party

Chickenaccountant_2This summer intermester has been a paradoxical experience. On the one hand, I had the Operations Management class from the pit of Hades. This was the worst class of my graduate experience. I truly struggled from start to finish and I’m a bright girl. No really, I am. I skipped the fourth grade. LOL Anyway, I finished that class last week and barely squeaked out a C+. What kind of mediocre crap is that? I guess the plus means I am not relegated to the short yellow bus.

On the other hand, my Value Based Leadership class has been the best class of my graduate study so far. I currently have an A in that course. I like everything about this class; the professor, the students, and the assignments.

Why am I boring you with this mundaness? Well because it’s a curious observation and what else am I going to write about.

Tonight was our final class in VBL. The entire class went to Champs for drinks and repartee. I was REALLY hesitant about going. The last time I went out for dinner and drinks with colleagues, I ended up driving my drunken manager’s car so that she could drive my drunken co-worker home.*sidenote* I don’t drink and at the time did not have a driver’s license and could NOT drive. I will skip past the carrying the coworker up the stairs and the confrontation with her husband. This was my first week!

Tonight, I actually enjoyed myself. It was refreshing to see my classmates out of the classroom setting. Everyone was engaging and having a nice time. No one got drunk and I got to drive my own car home.

So what does all of this mean? I guess I have learned not let my past experiences dictate my future choices. Someone actually told me that tonight. I will make a conscious effort to be more gregarious. I will be sure to update you on how this turns out.   

4 thoughts on “After The Party Is The After Party

  1. I feel you on the not drinking thing. I haven’t had a drink over 15 years now and never will again. It can often be an uncomfortable situation going out with friends who do drink. Then again, it just depends on what friends you go out with.

  2. Yeah,
    The two people at me previous employer had major alcohol problems. I came to known this as we worked together but that night was crazy. What a first impression?

  3. Well I am not on the sobriety bus. I am on the super highway to alcholism. Going to a BBQ/booze-fest tonite. Caffine and Booze are my drugs of choice.
    P.S. The only way to drink red bull is to have it with vodka.

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