Michelle Williams – Is This Karma?

Michellewilliamsun87da30_3I am usually all for the underdog. I want to see women succeed. The news that Michelle Williams, of Destiny Child’s, album had been ‘pushed back’ three weeks before it is due to release was sad. However; I do remember back in the day when management so carelessly switched the other members out of the group, Michelle was on TV giving an interview and made some snide remark about thank God now all the members know how to sing.

I am interested to see how all of this plays out. I wish they all would reunite(old members too) and make a QUALITY album about female empowerment and forgiveness. That would be tight.


5 thoughts on “Michelle Williams – Is This Karma?

  1. Unfortunately, Michelle Williams is the least talented of the Destiny’s Child trio. In fact, she is SO much below the other two in vocal ability that it’s not even funny.

  2. I’m a hater these days of the super rich. More so the undertalented super rich. She is one of them ( so is J-LO, 50 Cent….the list is endless). Side note: I wish I was on this disgustingly rich list. Again, as of late, hater is my middle name. Supposedly she has a huge oversees fan base. I think the album will tank here in the states.
    P.S. I think her new boobs are ridiculous.

  3. Miss spoke. Its Kelly that has the new boobs. But then again who in the group was important besides Beyonce. Easy Mistake.

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