I Actually Like Omarosa, Wendy Not So Much

Let me preface this entry by stating, I do not watch the Wendy Williams Show. I have heard of her antics and she is not a nice woman. In this public exchange between she and Omarosa, Williams has come out as the victim. I totally disagree.

Let me back track a little. Omarosa was on the Wendy Williams Show on Monday promoting her new book, The Bitch Switch. In it she teaches women the art of negotiations and generally sticking up for yourself. In some strange warp in the universe Omarosa and Wendy ended up on the same stage and … well. . . watch for yourself. **click on Omarosa vs. Wendy**


I hate to see two sisters tearing into each other like this but if you have ever seen/heard the Wendy Williams radio show she is no shrinking violet. Imagine Howard Stern as an African American female. Okay, maybe not that vulgar but she is mean. Apparently, she is no match for the queen of mean, Omarosa.

2 thoughts on “I Actually Like Omarosa, Wendy Not So Much

  1. Yeah…sorry, but I CANNOT stand Omarosa. She goes out of her way to make sure she can be as evil as possible. Just trying to stretch out her 15 minutes. I wish she would just go somewhere, sit down and shut up.

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