Kid Sister, Kid Sister, Kid Sister and Me!

Does anyone remember that song and doll? Well I do. Particularly, because it was the first name brand doll I had ever received for Christmas.

Why am I writing about dolls and Christmas in July? Well simply put, I ran across an old picture of me and a friend posing in front of their Christmas tree with our respective dolls we had received for Christmas. Our brown faces are in stark contrast to our pink faced dolls but that is another post for another day.

I also began to think about how special I thought this doll was due to its name brand status. This was an actual doll with a commercial, not like the plain Jane rag doll I had received the year before and pretended to love. I loved Kid Sister’s status so much that I never gave her a proper name. I just called her Kid Sister. I kept Kid Sister for many years, finally giving it away to a young neighbor my mom would keep from time to time because her mother was on drugs. Deep down inside I felt this was the right thing to do, but I also knew she would not love my Kid Sister the way I had.

I am grateful now for my upbringing. I am grateful that my mom taught me to love God and family. She also taught me that material things were of the least importance. We were fed, warm, clothed, and safe. That’s more than can be said of my many friends with Barbies galore.

My Kid Sister had red hair. She was ethnic. LOL

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