The Automobile – Blessing #1234567890

Car_beetleI was over at the Chicago Tribune online, when I came across this story (CTA) about the Chicago Transit Authority’s decision to test seatless El Trains for rush hour traffic. With the price of gas shooting through the roof, there are more passengers. This would pack more folk in for the ride.

For 98% of my adult life the CTA, Chicago Transit Authority has been my nearest and dearest travel buddy. I took two buses to a high school on the North side of Chicago everyday for 4 years. Through rain, sleet or snow, the CTA was a reliable and cheap source of transportation. After undergrad when I returned home, I recommitted myself to the good old CTA. This time, with an apartment on the north side, where parking is nonexistent I commuted by train EVERYWHERE.

As I got older, the fact that I could not drive was becoming a bit of an embarrassment.

There are also those times when having a car is helpful, like shopping. Then there are those instances when you waste hours waiting on a late bus or delayed train and when folk start tripping when you need to bum a ride somewhere.

So finally, I decided to take lessons. I was feeling great. I would get my license and the world would open up. And . . . I failed my first test. I mean MISERABLY failed. I mean the driving instructor bolted out of the car and yelled I needed to go BACK to driving school.

It took my about 2 years to garner the courage to try again. This time I had a mean, pushy instructor, Dominga. Dominga knew her stuff and her take charge attitude forced me to take charge. She took me to the testing site, wished me luck, and . . . I passed. The instructor handed me my test and said, "If you had missed one more point you would have failed." Why are all testing instructors CRUEL. But not even Meany McMeanster could ruin my high. I grabbed my test with the quickness and said back. "Thanks dude and tomorrow’s my birthday!!!"

I said all of that to say, Thank you God for my car!!

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  1. I remember those days….not in Chicago (in Philly) and I agree those driving test people are hella mean but once you pass you feel unstoppable until you get your first ticket.
    This was a nice distraction from work…I will be back.

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