Kathleen Battle and Me

My friends and family, and now you have been let in on a close kept secret, I heart classical music.

I have been taking classical voice lessons for about a year, after years of singing in gospel choirs. This experience has afforded me an introduction into the vast arena of talented classical vocalists that I was ignorant of previously. I have to thank my vocal instructor for giving me structure and a map in navigating this new universe.

Kathleen Battle is one of my treasured discoveries. She is a five time Grammy winning singer that has graced the world’s most famous stages. A lyric soprano, her voice is pure with an airy quality. I am not well versed in musical lexicon, but if I could describe her voice, I’d say it is like a summer wind that blows forcefully but comfortably. LOL. I don’t know. I just think of wind blowing when I hear her.

I am currently learning a piece and using Kathleen as my muse. If it makes it to the recital, you guys will be the first to see it here. But for now, listen and let me know what you think.

Lovers – theme from House of Flying Daggers


2 thoughts on “Kathleen Battle and Me

  1. People sleep on the contributions of African American woman to classical and operatic music! There’s a rich tradition to be honorod. From Jessye Norman and Marian Anderson to Kathleen Battle to Indra Thomas. Unfortunately; hey won’t ever be popular as popular as Beyonce or Madonna or Tina Turner. But their craft is quality.
    I’m 27 and I love Jazz. Most people think Jazz is a “white” thing.

  2. It’s unfortunate.
    These genres only become a “white thing” because blacks consciously or unconsciously abandon them.
    But music is a people thing, trancends race.
    BTW I saw a recent documentary on Thelonious Monk. Just magical.

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