‘The Suns of Light’ Formerly ‘The Boys’

If you too were a goofy kid, like me, then you were probably in love with the singing group The Boys. I remember sneaking my mom’s phone calling WGCI and requesting, Dial My Heart. Doug Banks told me he would play it and I sat at the radio for two hours until I fell asleep. He NEVER played it.

I was SOOOO in love with Hakeem. He was the younger one and closer to my age. Anyway, I decided to do a search to see what became of them and look what I turned up. They are called the Suns of Light and I think they live in Africa. Hakeem is still SOOOOOO cute.

Dial My Heart. . .

Other Boys Video

4 thoughts on “‘The Suns of Light’ Formerly ‘The Boys’

  1. I hadn’t seen this in like forever. They all look like mini-Bobbie Browns. This so took me back.

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