Church Socials Or The Dreaded Singles’ Event

I recently attended a singles' event at a local church. It was designed like a "play date" event. I thought why not? I had sworn off such a events previously because they are just too weird. The first one I attended, a couple of years ago , alone. It was a party-type atmosphere at a converted club. The behavior was weird. People sat around not knowing how to act. Should you dance, mingle? What dance goes with Kirk Franklin? Just W-I-E-R-D.

Christian dance 

 So I and friend stopped by a festival first grabbed a bite to eat and headed over to the church. En route my friend says, "You know the game is on tonight?" So the singles' social was planned on a night when most men will be home watching the Mavericks play.

Ominous, much?

We get there and after a few boring Uno games, we mosey over to the Outburts table. A  slightly more fun game of Outburst and all the men are chanting, "Turn On the Game!"

After the Outburst game finally ends, all of the guys in unison head for the exits.

As a single Christian, I understand the need for socials in which you can meet like-minded people for a little fun, get-ta-know-ya. I think it will help if  active singles actually plan the events. May be have it outside of the church campus?

Have any of you attended a great Christian social event? Please describe.

Operation: Make It Happen

Dreams: Future teaser or false impression.

I moved to Dallas on a high note; good job, good finances, great expectations. Now it has been four years and what a roller coaster ride. Not that I expected a bed of roses or anything but I did expect a bed with some good pillows.

Maybe that is part of the problem – I'm still dreaming.

I met a friend at work. She is part of Mission: Get Out and Mingle. We both moved here to Dallas from different states – she 4 months, I four years. We both decided that we need a concrete divine intervention. A sign of sorts to let us know if we are meant to be here or go home.

I keep having dreams of my family in a big house and I am there. The unclear part of the dream is whether I am living there or visiting. The clear part, my family is together and happy. The part of me that wants to go home is the big lonely part. The part of me that wants to stay is the hopeful, little dreamer. Another part somewhere in my spirit tucked between the other two feels that if I move home, it would be a big failure.

I came to Dallas for a change, to write my book, and make a name for me. I think I started out great but financially I am not where I planned. Took too long to find a great job that would finance my future. Maybe I am still thinking in the box or still lying in bed.


Anyway we – me and my friend – have set a date: April 26th. Why? It is her birthday and for me it is a totally random way of asking God to step in for me. Why ask God? Because the just shall live by faith.

Either way, we have got to make it happen.

My Twitter Ramblings

Twitter is a funny little world. There are celebrities, businesses, regular folk and bloggers all mixing it up with one another.

It's also peculiar that everyone feels the need to dispense wisdom via a 140 characters. I started a little meem entitled #causeimdeep. Here are a few proverbs from

I listen to Sade when I clean #Causeimdeep

I drink tea with my pinky cup while day dreaming #Causeimdeep

I tweet about other people's drama and not my own #causeimdeep

I saw a dead squirrel on ,my walking trail, I poured out a little water in memorium #causeimdeep

Trust in the Lord and lean not 2 ur own understanding. In all thy ways acknowldge him, and He shall direct thy paths #causeimdeep

I put lol at the end of sentences when I am really serious about what I just wrote. #causeimdeep (lol)

Love is like Jello, and there's always room for Jello #causeimdeep

If u get caught in the rain, remember the sun will shine again #causeimdeep

If an elevator misses ur floor, you have an extra ride to get it right #causeimdeep

See I mixed in a few serious tweets with my jokes. . .  #Causeimdeep

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