Trusting God

These are two very loaded words – trust and God.

The ‘trust exercise’ is used as a team building mechanism. It involves two people. One must turn his back to the other, cross his arms, close his eyes, and fall backwards trusting the other individual will catch him.

Not I, said the cat!

My inclination is to buckle my knees and brace myself to catch myself. As crazy as that sounds, I am always trying to catch myself. Then, someone comes along preaching about trust and God. Now I am supposed to close my eyes and trust that a being I cannot see will catch me.

Easier said than done.

Today, I left my purse at a Panda Express. All on the ride home, I was singing in my heart, Jesus never fails, and other songs about trusting God. I get to my house and I cannot find my purse. Now chile, everything is in my purse – wallet, cell phone, lip chap – everything! I did not panic. God had put  a song in my heart.


I called the Panda Express and the young lady had my purse! She said she would hold on to it until my friend could pick it up for me.

God knows me. He knows my inclinations and tendencies to panic first and think rational later. He sent me a song to prepare me for what was ahead.

I know there are greater challenges to face. To get to where I am headed, I will have some lost purses along the way. I am learning from lessons great and small that not only will God catch me as I am falling but he will give me the peace that trusting him along the way gives.

This lesson was better than the fortune in the cookie.


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