Empire Review – I Tried Y’all

I really tried to like Empire. It is a break out hit in its second season. Empire features beautiful brown faces on TV living the lifestyle of the rich and fabulous. It is a show EVERYONE posts and tweets about. I want to like it. 

I. Just. Can't. #sorrynotsorry

Empire is a drama about the life of a music mogul and his family. Terrence Howard plays Lucious, Empires CEO, who is dying from cancer. He is grooming his three sons in the hopes that one of them will take over Empire after his death. Cookie, the children's mother, gets out of jail and comes to claim her portion of Empire. Drama ensues. 


In the interest of full disclosure, I never watched Season 1. I could not get past Cookie (the show's matriarch) beating her son with a broom for disrespecting her. With yesterday being the season 2 premiere, I thought I would give the show a second chance. 

I think I am too old to be wowed by smacking scenes and girl fights. Blame it on deja vu. Although I was a child in the 80s, I distinctly remember a remarkably similar series. It, too, was about a wealthy family with a strong patriarch at the helm of a an oil company. There is a sneaky ex-wife and even an openly-gay son. Sound familiar?

The show was Dynasty. It ran from 1981-1989. To me, Empire is the Dynasty of the new millennium, almost a carbon copy. Like that Usher song, Empire, you remind me of someone that I once knew and that is why I just can't get with you. Like the music Empire (the company's name in the show) produces, it is a remix full of samples of previous hit songs. I always prefer the oldies, the originals. 

I will use my Wednesdays to do something else, like revitalize this blog. 

 What do you think of Empire? 

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