The Life of the Fire Within

There have been brush fires across California incinerating homes, transforming hard-wrought dreams to ashes. It is amazing that such raging infernos can begin from the tiniest spark of carelessly tossed cigarette. Fire warms, burns, consumes. It changes the very nature of all that it touches. We fear it. We need it.

Reminds me of love.

It is funny how you discover you love someone. You can vaguely remember a carelessly tossed thought. I wonder if. . .  Suddenly, you are thinking of that person all of the time – totally consumed. If someone loves you, you will know it. The love they possess will burn for you. You feel it first soft and warm. You are friends. Each person is a safe enough distance to admire the other. What draws them closer? Curiosity? You draw nearer, or rather, the flame grows wider, higher. The heat intensifies. If you linger too long and too close, your heart becomes totally engulfed.

To all of the guys, if a woman loves you, do not take it for granted. Even fire has a life cyle – ignition, growth, flashover, decay. A fire needs only fuel and oxygen to continue to burn. Without either, it dies. Never expect the fire that she holds in her heart to outlive your immaturity, filandering, or fear of committment. You may look around cold and lonely from the storms of life only to find the fire has gone out.  

If you notice a twinkle in the eye blow on it. No, not literally blow in someone's eye. I mean, draw closer. Only two things will happen – the spark will die or a flame will start to burn.

". . . Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth!" (James 3:5b)

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