Out of Control

I think the biggest lie we tell ourselves is that if we do not *insert action* the universe will fall apart. We (read me) place all of the responsibility for the actions of others on our own shoulders. Especially, when we love and care about the well-being of someone, we can inadvertently take on another person's burden. 

What am I taking about?

There is a freedom in the realization that the only person you can control is you. If you are a parent, you teach your children the best you know how and try to give them a leg up in the world but their success depends on their own ability to put into action all that they have learned. Worrying, stressing will not make them do what they will not do. Relax. It is out of your control.

I can control me.  I control my own actions and reactions to situations and people.

Relinquishing control does not mean the world will fall off of its axis. It is allowing the Creator of that world to really be in control of it. The Bible states that, "See, I have written your name on the palms of my hands. . ." Isaiah 49:16 (NLT). Israel Houghton has a song, "You Hold My World in Your Hands".

Think about that for a moment. Now, think about the times in which you have tried to control all of the outcomes of a situation. I am thinking about all the times I have tried and it has NEVER worked. The conflict arises when my free will and another person's free will collide. Instead of being stressed about it, I have learned to let go. Que sera, sera. If you are a Christian, then that 'sera' is God's will.

I am out of control and totally fine with it.



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