Dating Married Men, Really?

A weird thing happened at the grocery store last night. I am placing my things on the conveyor belt when I over hear this conversation between a young women and a slightly older guy.

They guy must have paied her a compliment and this girl start flirting. . .HARD. So, the guy is speaking in a barely audible voice and this girl is loud enough so that the coonversation gets my attention.

I look at the guy suspiciously because he was acting weird. He finally says, "Well, I'm not single. I'm married."

This should have been the end of the firtatious encounter, right? Right?


The girl says, "We can still hang. I mean, I just like to now what it is."


I should have been minding my own business but the virtuous woman in my gave him the ugliest look. I paid for my groceries and left. I am not sure how the encounter ended but I know how it affected me. I was saddened. This girl seemed really young, like 19 or something. This guy had to be in his early 40s. She was so brazen and shameless.

Is it really that hard out here? Really?

Your thoughts.


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