Wide Open Spaces – A Place to Dream Big

I was at a Texas Roadhouse when I heard the Dixie Chicks', "Wide Open Spaces". Although a country band, this song spoke to me as I embarked on my own journey of discovery. I moved to Texas with a determination to experience life away from all that I had ever known. March marked the sixth year that I have been in Texas. I started this Talulazoeapple then. It is amazing that I am still here and so is this blog.

As I sit typing, it feels like I just arrived yesterday. Where did the years go? Some goals I have accomplished while some are still on the horizon. I have chronicled my move, joblessness/employment, loneliness/love, disappointments/triumphs, hope and faith. Through it all I am exciting to be alive to write another day.


 I am feeling that it again. The desire for adventure. My friend T.B. did a tandem skydive recently. The video is on YouTube. I have talked about it for years but never did it. This got me to thinking about all of the things I would like to do but just have not.

5. Meet Laz Alonso. (A girl can dream, right lol) Seriously, go on a big adventure and write about it!

4. Reach my goal weight/health.

3. Travel to France.

2.Publish my book.

1. Have it all! 🙂 I know what that 'all' entails. If you have kept up with my blog then you know, too.

What have you always wanted to do but have not yet? Please share. Click the 'Comment' link below.




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