Ten Minute Post

I have exactly ten minutes left on my lunch break but I just had to get a post in. I have been lacking in regular posts lately. I have a good reason. I am BUSY! Yes, busy doing the things that I love and actaullay WANT to do. My acting class is great, my new VP of Marketing position with a non-profit is exciting and challenging. I am loving the impact vocal lessons has been having on the Praise and Worship team of which I am a part of. So busy, busy, busy. If I could only squeeze some personal time in there – a date or two?

Um, yeah.

How are you guys doing? It seems like no one likes to comment anymore but I just thought I would ask.


Have a blessed day!



2 thoughts on “Ten Minute Post

  1. Hey Chica,
    Long time no comment. I have been busy, busy, busy as well….mostly doing stuff that I don’t want to be doing but all is good and the load has been lifted from my shoulders….not so much because I have fewer things to do but I have placed it in the hands of the Lord. Like you I have found some time to do something new and something I love. You saw the video…
    Still stressed to some degree because there are not 36 hours in the day. I don’t want to time travel just maybe freeze time like that tv show from the 80’s…Out of this World. Any until I get my super powers I will be busy busy busy.
    Love Ya Chica….Can’t wait until I see you at the movies : )

  2. Out of this World? lol Is that the one with Vicki the Robot? Girl!
    I am always placing things in the Lord’s hands over and over again. It’s like the moment you resolve to do this another tests challenges you.
    God is faithful. I am glad that you are taking chances and living life.

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