Chicago Dreaming

The time leading up until a long vacay is tortuously slow. Sleep, work, eat and sleep again. Such ennui. I have not done anything productive because my heart and mind are back home.

Chicago dreaming on a warm Texas night. Okay, it is not that warm but that last line is kinda sweet lol. I am content where I am. I am grateful for all that God has done and I want to enjoy this time with my family -new nephew, most of my family is in the same place, good food and good times.

I expressed to my friend how I feel like I am missing those familial ties here in Texas. He suggested I move closer. He always suggests that I move lol. Moving to me means starting over – again. I am not totally opposed to this but I do not want to repeat the past. I would prefer to be moving onto something greater – a marriage and kids maybe?

Ok it's the homesickness talking. No seriously, I am slowly awakening to the idea of marriage and children and it does not scare me anymore.

I have been having little Chicago moments all month. A coworker visited there last week. A friend was eating Garrett's Popcorn. Someone posted a picture of the Chicago skyline.

Yes snow and wind gusts, skycrapers and crowds, momma's dressing  and hugs- I am Chicago dreaming on a warm Texas night.

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