Paying Your Tithes Is A Blessing

When I pay my tithes, I remember when I was unemployed. Times got tough. Now I am employed and consider it such an honor to have the ability to pay tithes. 

I also understand being faithful to God and feeling like there is just no way that you can pay tithes when you are barely scraping by. I have been there, too. 

God knows and understands all but let me encourage you to pay tithes. 

It is not about the church. It is not about the preacher. It is not about how you feel. 

It is about the sacrifice. God honors the sacrifice. If you do not believe me, ask Abraham.

I had to get some work done on my car. Something said do not pay your tithes you need to fix your car. How are you going to get to work with no car? Blah, blah, blah. Worries snowballing into more worries. 

Well, long story less long. My repairs are covered by the warranty minus my deductible of $50. This is so much less than what I paid in tithes. 

Did you catch it!

God blessed me in a way I did not expect. In turn I blessed someone else. Blessings snowballing into more blessings!

You cannot pay God for a blessing. I believe that I am blessed no matter what. However, there is a special anointing on the sacrifice. When the sacrifice is dear (see Abraham and Isaac), God will provide a "ram in the bush."

Be blessed readers!

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