Merry New Year and Happy Christmas

All of you Eddie Murphy fans will get the joke. lol

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I know I did even without the exchange of gifts.

I hung out with the family in Chicago, visited friends, played games and chillaxed. Even took family photos. Rare occasion that all the siblings are together.

SN: I saw a picture of me, sisters and cousin at the Isley Brothers concert and said out loud, "Dang, I was FLLYYYYYY!" lol

2012 eat well, work out, lose weight. No excuses.

I feel very blessed. I seriously think presents should be exchanged after Christmas and the focus kept on Christ. I mean, I went to church on Christmas day. Just like old times.

This particular visit did make me really homesick when I made it back. It has also made me more determined not to let my time in Texas be a waste of time.

2012 is my year of dream fulfillment. More details to come.

How was your Christmas folks?

4 thoughts on “Merry New Year and Happy Christmas

  1. My Christmas was beautiful. Weather in the Chi was awesome. My gma felt well enough to cook a huge dinner : ). Spent time with my family and really enjoyed the kids. The littlest 2 nephew are just adorable. I got the sweetest Thank you, Tee Tee. I’m blessed even with the trials of everyday. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to see. Mexico is out in lieu of saving for a bathroom remodel so I migt come down to get out of the cold.
    Love ya chica,
    Onward and upward in 2012
    (Nothing positive rhymes with 2012-Can only think of go to hell in 2012. I will work on a btr tag line)

  2. Living well in 2012, maybe? lol
    Hey girl, there will be other vacays so don’t worry about it. Love u too, be blessed.
    Glad to hear ur gma is doing better. ya’ll didnt have to make her cook the ENTIRE meal. lol

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