Im So Excited. . .

. . .and I just can't hide it.


Got a new, better paying, better everything gig. The blessings of the Lord maketh rich and addeth no sorrow!

I think I am getting excited about a lot of things that I'd overlooked.

Excited that I am single with no kids. If I had either, I would not be able to take this job because it involves overnight travel.

I get to travel!

Being single with no kids is truly a gift. I have FREEDOM!

Freedom is priceless.

The one thing I envy about marriage is the two income thing. lol

Maybe I am wired to be the next Oprah minus the dogs and quasi husband.

Je ne sais pas.

But I do know, I'm just so darn excited.

I knew today wold be a good day. I payed for now new cases and when I got to work the lights went out! No new cases! Then I get the message that I got the new job. Everything's turning up roses, baby! lol

I love new beginnings! When they are happy that is!


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