Looks Like We Are Not In Kansas Anymore

This year has flown by like a whirlwind. Like Dorothy, I am groggy and looking at this new place I am in, like, what the hay?

A year that started out with resolutions and declarations,  later morphed into employment challenges and financial distress – a tornado of personal circumstances that left me a bit winded and disoriented.

I am happy to report that I am ending this year employed, with a new move ahead, and expecting a baby boy. . . wait for it. . .it's my sister's!!! lol

Year's high – I did walk and complete the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in October.

Although I did not fall in love, see previous posts, I did have fun flirting. Who knows? The year has not ended yet!

I look forward to the New Year. I am taking the lessons of 2010 forward.

  1. Commitment and follow thru lead to success.
  2. God is my source – not man, job, or anything else.
  3. I can have what I ask and believe for.
  4. Starting afresh is a blessing if you let it be.
  5. When you least expect it, something miraculous can happen
  6. Never forget those less fortunate than you. You can be just one circumstance away from their shoes.

Merry Christmas to all of my loyal blog readers. I miss you when you are not here!


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