Counting My Blessings

Have you ever looked at someone and thought their life must be so perfect or at least better than mine?

I thank God for MY LIFE and everyone and thing in it.


I was watching the Soult Train Awards on yesterday and Tamia performed. She sang beautifully. She looked flawless. Married to Grant Hill with two children – her life seemed a fairytale. I was so shocked to learn that she is battling multiple sclerosis.

Though there is no "good" time to receive an MS diagnosis, Tamia's diagnosis came during an especially trying time for her and her husband. Grant had recently returned from the hospital where Tamia had rushed him when he developed a staph infection after surgery on his ankle left him with convulsions and a 104 degree temperature. Tamia started experiencing numbness in her hands and feet and unexplained severe fatigue. It was then Grant's turn to take her to the hospital. Three doctors, a misdiagnosis of a pulled muscle, and several MRIs later, Tamia was finally diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Soon after, while out of the country celebrating their anniversary, Tamia had her first frightening attack. "Literally, I could not lift a pen. I could not get out of bed. I had to fill out customs forms to come back and my husband had to fill them out because I could not write," she told Jet. SOURCE

The same with Toni Braxton – beautiful, talented, and battling debilitating illnesses, heart disease and lupus. I read that Tamia's MS is in remission. Thank God for that.

You just never know what another person is struggling with. I am very conscious of how good God is. These women are alive and still counting their blessings. I am going to continue to count mine.

My mom, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, life, health, strength, a good mind, passion, gifts, hopes, salvation, determination and the list goes on and on. How dare I be depressed?

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