Open Letter: Dear Guy At The Gym

Please sir, don't ever wear that shiny purple spandex outfit again. It is disturbing on so many levels.

A. You are not Bobby Brown circa 1992 dancing in the Every Little Step video. B. You are not a member of GUY circa the same time period.

Plus royal purple is not a good look on ANYBODY. Have you ever heard of Barney?

It is very difficult to remain polite and not stare in utter amazement that a grown man would be that daring.

Next time I would suggest breaking up the monochromatic purple with a little yellow or black. Never mind, that purple doesn't go with anything.

Or maybe I'm just a hater. lol

P.S. I saw the matching purple shoes and sash, I mean towel, you had draped from your waist. #WORK!

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