A Little Lash and A Lot of Confidence

A few days ago I spoke of bionic dresses. I have experienced the power of the bionic body part. A smart little overlooked member that when endowed with bionic powers can master feats never mastered before.

I speak of the fake eyelash.

Don't laugh my friends. It really works.


I went down to the beauty school and had someone create me really old hollywood styled eyelashes. The effect on my eyes was brilliant. I received so many compliments. This past week I have been flirted with more overtly by the cutest of guys. When I say cute, I mean CAYUTE! lol

I am not sure if the lash itself possessed superhuman powers or if it gave me the added boost of confidence I lacked. I removed them last night, so I guess the day will tell. Whatever the source of my new found bionics, I must wield this power with care. lol

Do you have a bionic part? Discuss.

2 thoughts on “A Little Lash and A Lot of Confidence

  1. How much were you batting your eyelashes? That will get a guy’s attention real fast. And you’re a cutie pie too? Wow.

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