Party Like It’s 2009

I always thought that if I went to a Christian singles event, I would look, ya know, desperate. I don't know why. I just thought that way. So when I saw the singles email from The Potter's House, I thought that sounds interesting but no.

When faced with spending yet another weekend on the couch, I thought, what the hay. I shopped found a cute black dress, some multiple strand pearls and got my cute on. I was looking really cute, I might add. LOL

Anyway, I summoned up the courage to go to this event. . .ALONE.

I had a blast. There were a few other people who showed up without a table of friends. I met a few people. We ate, laughed, talked and DANCED. 

OMG. I danced my butt off. We started the electric slide, a soul train line. Now let me explain, I am rhythmically challenged and I was wearing really high heels; but I had promised myself, if I go out, I am gonna at least dance. And dance, I did. 

Like most things I am afraid of, after I do them, I am like, and what did I fear exactly?  

I promise myself, anything I wanna try, I'm gonna do it. I don't need a sidekick or partner, I'm a grown woman.

Let me get my grown woman on.

6 thoughts on “Party Like It’s 2009

  1. Yeah another “rhythmically challenged ” person. I love to dance but I think I dance sometimes to the same beat that white people dance to. Strange but if there is just one person off beat and I look at them I am screwed for the rest of the night because, I am unable to locate the beat again.
    I am glad you had fun. The offer still stands whenever you want to go out let me know. Things are kinda tight at my job I am working every other weekend until we get the weekend guy trained and up and running on his own.


  2. Yes! So glad you had a good time. I struggle with the same thing from time to time—missing out on good times/good opportunities because of fear. (Whether it’s rational or not.) I need to take a few pages out of your playbook…


  3. Kristin, when u asked before my money was too funny. lol But it’s all good now.
    It’s funny because Bishop Jakes preached that fear is keeping you from walking in your prophecy. I had to put faith in action.
    It was fun.


  4. As I mentioned, last month, the 28th, was our wedding anniversary. One of the things we did was go out dancing. We had a good time.


  5. Awww…I’m glad you decided to go and enjoyed yourself hun! I wish I could find a good church out here….I miss going to church.. I was less bitchy.


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