Pet Peeves, Men Who Don’t Read and Other Random Stuff

Having a conversation at work, with a couple of people about books and movies based off them. The lone black guy there states, "I just wait till the movie comes out. I don't read nothing."

Um, ok.

I give this guy a chance to redeem himself. Surely you read something - newspaper, a clever blog, the darn funny papers? His reply, "Nope, nothing."

My people, my people!

Why is it that the things I really want and want to do have such a long waiting period?  School, career, house, husband, going to France, yada, yada, yada. How about some instant gratification?

Am I the only one who watches the Real Housewives of Atlanta and wonder, what do you heffas have to be so angry about? Chill and enjoy your money. Oh, that's right they don't really have any. Hood rich. LOL

If you had a wishing well, what would you wish for? (Only selfish things!!!) No answers about world peace and ending hunger please.

In other random news. . .

Chris Brown's bowtie is stalking Rihanna.

Chris Brown's bowtie wishes to apologize for assaulting my eyes.

Chris Brown's bowtie  is holding auditions for a new reality show, "For the Love of Necks."

Chris Brown's Bowtie put in a good word for me. That's how I got my last job. Thanks bowtie!

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