Mr. Stinky McStinkertums

This week has been a really smelly one for me.

Let me explain. I need glasses, LASIK or a miracle. What I lack in sigh God made up for in my sense of smell. i seriously have a sensitive nose. So,I am in the Target when suddenly I am overwhelmed by the of chitlin's, um excuse me, chitterlings. lol

I am intrigued. So I follow my nose up the aisle and down the aisle. I am smelling shelves and everything when it suddenly hits me. Those aren't chitterlings. That's a person. LOL

He must have just gotten off a a HARD day's work because whew!!!

I have Saturday class and who sits next to me but Stinky McStinkertums. This guy who says he from India is sooo, sooo, sooo funkdafied. Which is really a shame because he seems really nice. He kept trying to spark conversation but it is difficult to talk and not breathe.

My nose is always against me. LOL

2 thoughts on “Mr. Stinky McStinkertums

  1. The Los Angeles County Fair will get started in one more week, right? My and my wife always make it a point to go. We have several friends who say that they would like to go, but they can’t take the odor of the animals; they ask us how do we do it. We just tell them, “hey, we’ve smelled people who smell worse than that.” So Cutie Pie, I know what you mean.
    * BTW. This last friday, the 28th, my wife and I celebrated 27 years of marriage. I know that you, and all the ladies who postn here, can appreciate a guy who loves his wife and respects his marriage.

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