Letoya Luckett Has A New Album – Lady Love

Do you care?

The former, Destiny Child alumna is giving her second solo effort a go. I must say that she has a really good voice. Kind of makes you wonder why she got kicked out of the group?


Oh, well that’s water under the bridge, right?

It should be, because clearly Letoya has moved on. She is even starring in a new movie set for release early next year entitled, The Preacher’s Kid.

Another DC alumna is seeing huge success internationally, while America shores still seem cold, but could she look any better while doing it.

Kelly Rowland has a huge international hit with the dance club banger When Love Takes Over with French dj David Guetta.

In a recent article Kelly gushed:

By Kelley L. Carter

LOS ANGELES — Kelly Rowland is finally independent.

The singer, who spent nearly 10 years with Destiny’s Child, says she’s now living the life she used to sing about. Before breaking up in 2005, Destiny’s Child — which also featured Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams — topped charts with girl-power tunes such as Independent Women, the theme from Charlie’s Angels. But after a series of flat solo efforts, Rowland, 28, has figured out her formula. She sings three tracks on French DJ David Guetta’s One Love, which is being released today.

“I feel empowered. Finally,” Rowland says with a laugh and a snap of her fingers. “When you don’t believe in yourself, you feel like you’re living in fear. You don’t give yourself the opportunity to believe that you can. And as much as you tell yourself you can’t do it, you end up not doing it. Me? I was complacent and comfortable where I was.” SOURCE


In the interest of full disclosure, I was never a DC fan. No shade, I was just in college when they came out and their music was sooo high school. I have watched their drama unfold like everyone else. I can appreciate the hustle of these two women.

For me their success represents never giving up even when facing seemingly insurmountable odds. Kudos to both.

Which album will you be copping?

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