Whitney Houston Has A New Album. . .

. . .August 31. The big question is. . .does she still have it? Hmmmmm?

"Million Dollar Bill" is the answer they needed. Cowritten by Alicia Keys, the disco-touched tune is the official first single from the album "I Look to You," arriving Aug. 31.

Most promising is the apparent state of Houston's voice. Silky but assertive, limber but in control, Houston provides a blast of hope simply by sounding good. SOURCE

Houston will be giving a live performance on Good Morning America September 1st. So we will see

What do you think?


1. Million Dollar Bill
2. Nothin' But Love
3. Call You Tonight
4. I Look To You
5. Like I Never Left (feat. Akon)
6. A Song For You
7. I Didn't Know My Own Strength
8. Worth It
9. For The Lovers
10. I Got You
11. Salute


6 thoughts on “Whitney Houston Has A New Album. . .

  1. I have heard two of her tracks, and no she is not the same. It is so sad that she pissed away all of her incredible talent. She sounds ok but she is no where near the old Whitney

  2. Whitney had the voice of a century. She is the only singer I have EVER felt real jealousy for her gift. I must say that on her worst day she sounds better than half the pop acts out now but she is not “the Bodyguard” Whitney.

  3. Hey Doll!
    I think Whitney is such a great artist she’ll have no problem picking up where she left off! But will I buy it? Nahhh I doubt it.

  4. Hey Cutie Pie!
    Yeah, I heard a house/dance version of Million Dollar Bill on utube yesterday. It sounded pretty good.

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